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About the company

Strength of a tree starts from its roots, human strength – in the habits and traditions of the ancestors.   

It was in 2017 when we decided to establish a small but our own winery to produce unique organic “qvevri” white and red wines. Everything started in an unfinished, destroyed facility where just my mother and me worked in the beginning; we even dug the ground for our first qvevri ourselves!

Since 2019 our family company “Nino Merissi” has been exporting premium class organic wines for selling to France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and China.

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Winemaking for us is not just a lifetime project but an art. The grapes for our wines grow only in natural conditions without using chemical fertilizers. Now, the Nino Merisi family company produces a premium-class organic product. Our winery includes 7 qvevris (clay jars) and 6 cisterns. Yearly 10 000 liters go for sale in France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and China. We have met the recognition of the enthusiasts of our wines.

Our vineyards and winemaking

The first surviving written evidence of it dates back to the period of the reign of the king of Iberia Vakhtang I Gorgasali in the 5th century. At that time, Hornabuji was one of the largest settlements in the Kakheti region. In the late 5th or early 6th century, Khornabuji was conquered by the Sassanids. It is likely that the surrounding city was destroyed, although something of the fortress itself remained, and over the next centuries the city reappeared on the plain south of the fortress cliff. During the 13th century, according to some sources, the fortress was restored by order of Queen Tamara. The city was destroyed by the Mongol invaders in 1264, after which no significant settlements existed at the castle walls.

Our vineyards are on the slopes of hills near the Dedoplistskaro township in the winemaking region of Georgia – Kakheti. Vine-trees require correct place for planting, careful work and mostly manual labor. Therefore, every year vine-trees need various seasonal cultivation and different work, and protection from snow and hail. However, vine compensates all the labor, care and warmth given in due time. Grapes we use for winemaking grow in natural conditions. We do not use chemical fertilizers either. Currently we have tens of one-ton qvevries and cisterns in our winery.

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Kakheti – unique wine-making region in Georgia

Georgian wine is made with the power of Sun, permanent care and love of men for their native land and respect to the ancient history of this small country.

Rkatsiteli, Qissi, Mtsvane or Saperavi…it seems like one can drink and savor each of these words. Traditionally the most famous Georgian wines are called after the micro-zones famous for corresponding vine-tree species. The richest land of similar zones is Kakheti, where the fertile land has been giving special wine sorts for thousands of years. Kakheti is the land for ripening of wine and love.

Georgian wine is a fruit of love, which is born anew every year. For eight thousand years people of this land have been taking care of vine-tree giving their love to it. For eight thousand years Georgians have been making unsual, unique qvevri wine.

Qvevri is a huge earthenware pot used in Georgia for making wine since ages; it is buried in the ground thus obtaining and keeping ideal 12-15 grades temperature for wine keeping and fermentation. While kept together in qvevri wine juice and cake are in permanent contact for months. As a result, qvevri wine has a special, original taste and saturated amber shade.    

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Nino Meris

Without songs and wine life is useless!” – it is my favorite citation belonging to the playwright Beaumarchais,-

– says Nino, wine-maker and founder of the “Nino Meris” company.

I think if Georgians are deprived of possibility to drink and sing in the company of their close people at parties, they will not be able to live. 

I could never imagine myself being a winemaker. My parents were far from this business.

However, my grandfather and ancestors owned vineyards in the place of Lagodekhi and used to make qvevri wines. I well remember how all our family and relatives used to go together to “Rtveli” in the village, which is the vintage festival. Today I am producing my own wine but the most important thing I have learnt by now is that wine is made for joy. A joyful man is a kind man. As I see it, we with our labor make this world a bit kinder and better.    

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To say truth, I could have never imagined myself to be a winemaker. My parents were far from this business.

However, my forefathers owned big enough vineyards in the place of Lagodekhi. I still clearly remember how we used to get ready and go to “Rtveli” in the village, which is the vintage festival. During the hardships of Georgia my family had to sell their house and vineyards…